Bates Delta Tactical 8″ Boots Review

This is a review that will be useful for everyone whether your an airsofter, Police officer, or whatever your profession is, if you need some slip resistant, waterproof boots then keep on reading.

in Todays Review we are going to be looking at a pair of boots I have owned for around 5 years now and have used them on a regular basis, These boots I originally bought to use while volunteering at events with St John Ambulance (SJA) (Click here to find out more about SJA) Due to the nature of what I did with SJA these boots were going to be exclusively used on SJA duties as I didn’t want to be having to thoroughly clean my boots after every airsoft game and get every bit of mud of so that they was clean and ready for treating patients with SJA, however I found the boots that comfy I decided they was worth the extra time spent cleaning them after every airsoft game.

At the time of writing this review the current price of these boots directly from bates are $134.95 which currently converts to £106.23


  • Nylon Side Zip for easy on and off
  • Durable Leather and Non-Puncture Nylon Upper
  • Insole Features Bates iCS Disc for Adjustable Comfort
  • Mesh Lining for Added Breathability

The Quality of these boots are like no other I have owned before, and bates really do keep there promise to quality and value in an evolving world which they have maintained for over 130 years since 1885, These boots feature the Bates iCS disks, which is the Bates Individual Comfort System, this technology is an adjustable disk used to customize comfort among four zones. These Zones are F for Firm zone, C for Cushion Zone (Increased Shock Absorption), O for Outward Zone (This is for if you have an outward tilt while walking) and I for Inward Zone for if your feet have a natural inward tilt while walking (Click here to find out more about the iCS Disk)

The Nylon side zip on these boots really do make them extremely easy to set get on and off, mine I fastened the laces once and then have used the zip to take them off and put them on since never had to touch the laces since.

Even though I have owned these boots for around 5 years and have used them very regularly since purchase, they have very little wear and tear visible, The only visible damage to them is a eyelet that I broke of on a steel container at an airsoft game about a year ago however the boots still work perfectly fine, and to top it all off the treads on the sole of the boots are almost like new, As you can see in the image comparison below there is very little wear on the treads of these boots.

While these boots aren’t advertised as being waterproof I have found with a regular clean and polish the boots hold some ability to keep your feet dry in deeper than average puddles.

Vikings Verdict

while these boots are old and have been around for a while now, these boots are definitely one for the must buy list for use in normal British weather, as long as your not walking through streams these boots will keep your feet dry and comfortable, I have flat feet which means I struggle to find footwear that I can wear comfortably however I have no issue with this hence the reason that despite my boots now missing an eyelet for over a year I am still reluctant to get a new pair and swear by these boots, Lets see if the Bates Raides I have on the way live up to the standards that these boots have set in my mind for not only Bates Footwear but all footwear, Bates have been my go to brand for boots ever since I bought these. 100% worth the extra cost over cheaper footwear.

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