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Black Hills Airsoft -Chesterfield

Okay so since I’m not really able to do much else as I’m stuck on the couch… a review of today’s game site, Black Hills Airsoft in chesterfield.

First of a brief summary, despite slipping and twisting my bad knee, I enjoyed today’s airsofting session very few incidents of players not calling the hits so put this down to the ones you don’t feel, good games and great area.
let’s start with the site itself:
From what we saw today which apparently was only a small part of the site it’s a great woodland site full of what seems to be slate hills mixed from dense woodland to not so dense woodland, with a maze of paths and trails everywhere and if your new to the site very easy to get lost in fact I found myself wondering where I was and which way to go to get back to Base several times.
The game modes:
The game modes were great fun and well thought out and planned by the staff before hand from games to capture the flag with traitors on your team (PS I was a traitor on our team and nearly managed to take out most of the team single handed if it wasn’t for two of the guys I shot respawning as I was about to take out the rest of the team I would of killed them all took the flag and won the game but instead 3 managed to survive Sam getting the shot on me and taking me out) to stretcher games were both teams have a designated stretcher guy and the first team to find the stretcher get there stretcher guy (sam) on it and extract wins
The staff:
The staff were great very nice and friendly, they have a lot of players who have never played airsoft before come to there site and its well managed with very little incidents of cheating in fact the only time no one took there hits today was when they didn’t feel it and never realised they had been hit which was rare, despite being understaffed today the staff did a great job managing the site and running the games.
We met some great people at this game day lots of friendly players and some new players to the sport too, I even popped the headshot cherry of a new player with my new DMR and tbh I’m surprised i hit him as he was running.


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