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So today where going to be looking at a site a bit further afield than my current reviews, this is a site further in the north east of England and home to some of my fellow instagramers.

The site:

Located in the north east of England in county Durham, this site has a great mix of both CQB and Woodland allowing you to mix up your playstyles throughout the day.

The entrance to the site itself was easy to find, put in dirty dog airsoft into google maps and it took you to it through a gate with a dirty dog banner. Inside the site there were a couple of indoor seating areas with tables to put you rifle cases on and plenty of space for cars to park, and some outdoor seating areas and even a range to test and zero your guns and sights.

The woodland area is large in size with dirt tracks, mud embankments, ditches, fallen down trees and a couple of area with semi decent defensibility from an old van surrounded by tire walls, to a couple old MOD Land rovers with a various cover from a  mud embankment to a fallen tree and the land rovers themselves, I had the pleasure of having to attack the land rovers and defend the old van.

Location 1 we shall call Old Truck Fort,

Thanks too the tire walls, Van doors and the incline on the dirt road to the right, with good teamwork and communication this location is a pleasure to defend even with the no respawn rule, I enjoyed working with the Gods of war including GOW_Jupiterthetank, GOW_Callsign_Redfield and Shadow Reapers own Callsign_Armoury, to defend this location.

A you can see in the images above Callsign_Armoury is using the Vans rear door as a shield while using cracks in the window tint to be a spotter for the team With myself and GOW_Jupiterthetank and GOW_gallhalla partly on the Vans Roof with a Long Gun counter sniping, all four of us covering the road directly in front with GOW_Kratos_Thunderhead covering our left flank it really was a pleasure and a dream to play alongside these guys,

Location 2, we shall call Land rover crash site,

Due to the cover on this location it is an absolute pain to attack, as you can see in the image above I was taking a breather and sitting down behind some cover while the area directly in front of me was being supressed, at this point it seemed like a dead end, it seemed like we was never going to push forward and take the land rovers, with team work and perseverance we managed to not only push out of the area we was pinned in but we also managed to capture the land rovers and drive the enemy out of this position. I believe the reason why we were able to do this was due to the great teamwork shown between the entire team from veteran site players, to new players that had only played one or two games before.

Getting Ready to Attack from behind cover

Between these two locations and around them was plenty of trees and dirt tracks providing you with a good area for that woodland playstyle.

The next location, The Village is the CQB/ kind of FIBUA area this is a makeshift village made up of shipping containers, royal mail trailers, old cabins and even a caravan.

This location is perfect for attack and defend, in fact one of the game modes they have here is where the defending team have to defend a couple of detonators and the attacking team have to find and press the detonators in a particular order to win the game, They also use this area at the end of the day for a fun little free for all.

This is the perfect area to get up close and personal with the other team for those of you running SMGs or Carbines, this is the perfect area.

The Players and the Staff

From my experience having played at this site a couple times now, the staff here are very friendly and welcoming, unfortunately I wasn’t able to meet their dog Tyson but from what I hear, he was as warm and welcoming as the staff at the site, and they was even kind enough to give me a sticker they had made, and it now has a permanent place on my rifle case. To top it all of the staff and marshals were very professional, knew what game modes worked and what didn’t, did random Chrono through out the day and dealt with any issues promptly and professionally but at the same time they were also able to have some banter with the players

The players that I met were all friendly and welcoming and I wish I had enough patches to give them all one, there was also a range of age and experience at the site with a good mix of both new players and experienced players and a mix of older players and Younger players, but every player there regardless of age or experience were all there to have fun and play the sport we all love and because of this they were all very welcoming and I didn’t experience many cases of players not taking their hits.

The Rental Guns

As most of you probably know my baby is out of commission for a couple of weeks while I wait for a replacement part to come in stock, this means I had to use the rental guns on my first day there and then on my 2nd day The Legendary GOW_Jupiterthetank let me play with his toys.

So while I was playing with the rentals it also gave me chance to see how this sites rentals compares to other sites rentals I’ve used in the past and well I have to admit I’ve only played at a couple sites with rentals on par with Dirty Dogs their rentals are tipman M4s and appear to be well maintained, they have great accuracy and range, and made my day playing with a rental gun an enjoyable one, as I didn’t have to return to the safe zone once because the gun had just stopped feeding for no apparent reason, or been disappointed because I couldn’t hit anything because the BBs just came flying out at random angles and was more reminiscent of a 1700’s smoothbore musket than a 21st century rifle  (these are all issues I’ve had with previous rentals at sites I’ve tested to review)

Vikings Verdict.


The reason for this is that even though the site itself is great especially with the 50p hotdogs there wasn’t enough indoor seating areas for every player to be able to keep their gear inside, which being in the north of England could be a bit of a pain if you don’t have a car to kit up out of when its raining or can only just fit your gear in your car packed and wouldn’t have a chance of having it in there unpacked so you can kit up and keep your gear dry, However don’t let the chance of not having an indoor seating area put you off this site is definitely one you want to try out if you live nearby or even if you don’t mind traveling, I travelled around about an hour and a half from south Yorkshire to county Durham and stayed at my brothers to try out this site and a couple others as well as work on some more content types I’ll be adding in the future but I can tell you this site alone was definitely worth the travel up here. Being able to play along side the awesome guys from Gods of War Airsoft division was an added bonus.

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  1. Excellent review, as a regular at Dirty Dog I can totally agree with it, and just about every time you go something has changed as they are always trying to improve and expand the site.

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