Firefield Impact XLT red dot sight

Firefield Red Dot Sight (FF26025) Impact XLT

Technical Specs

  • Adjustment Value – 1
  • Battery life, hours – 40-250
  • Battery Type – CR2032
  • Battery Voltage, V – 3
  • Body Material – Aluminum/polymer
  • Diameter, Objective Lens – 33×24
  • Elevation Range of Adjustment – 120
  • Eye Relief – Unlimited
  • Finish/Color – Matte black
  • Fog Proof – No
  • Height (in/mm) – 2.1/54
  • IP Rating (waterproof) – IP55-water resistant
  • Length (in/mm) – 3.6/92
  • Lens Coating – AR Red
  • Magnification – 1
  • Maximum Recoil – .308
  • Mount Type – Weaver/Picatinny
  • Nitrogen Filled – No
  • Operating temperature, F/C – 0 to 122/ -17 to 48
  • Parallax Setting – 25 yds
  • Reticle, Color – Red
  • Reticle, Type – 4 Pattern- 5 MOA dot, 3 MOA dot with 50 MOA circle, 3 MOA dot with 50 MOA crosshair, 3 MOA dot with 30 MOA circle/crosshair
  • Setting, Brightness – Off, 1-5
  • Shockproof – Yes
  • Weight, oz – 7.8
  • Width (in/mm) – 2.5/65
  • Windage Range of Adjustment – 120


  • Parallax corrected lenses
  • Quick target acquisition setup
  • Protective lens hood
  • Water resistant
  • Digital switch brightness controls
  • Unlimited eye relief
  • Multiple reticle options
  • Precision accuracy
  • Shockproof design
  • Quick release mount
  • Lightweight

About the Manufacturer

This product is produced by Firefield EMEA, Founded in 2009, Firefield was created in the crucible of a major economic downturn, which made it difficult for the hard-working shooter to purchase the optics and accessories needed to continue their passion for shooting and hunting. Through extensive surveying and targeted observation, Firefield realized that many gun enthusiasts and beginning shooters were unsatisfied with buying over-priced products of poor quality. It became Firefield’s goal to create the best value shooting sports accessories possible.

The Product

The impact XLT (FF26025) is a red dot sight with a shockproof, lightweight, Water resistant design. Overall, the product is very easy to use with only a few issues in its design, I tested this product for 4 months at multiple events across the country, in varying weather conditions (Mainly wet and windy as it is England after all)

For the most part, this sight is water resistant as advertised, I used this sight in a particularly wet weekend at AirFest and it performed really well, it stayed on and worked the entire weekend despite the rain and me crawling through soaked through bushes. (if it wasn’t for my eye pro fogging up every 5 seconds I would of probably hit something too) The only problem that I had with the sight that weekend was that the bolts holding the sight onto the rails got all rusted and because of this they were stuck in the nuts pretty tight and was rather hard to get undone, this isn’t a problem if you use one sight on one RIF, however if like me you like to mix things up a bit and you have one RIF with a GATE Titan in and a quick change spring that you like to alternate between a DMR and a Standard AR depending on the Game then this can become a problem when you want to switch to a DMR and put your scope on.

The sight Is Lightweight and Shockproof as advertised as the other fault I found in the Design of this sight is that originally the sight was rather loosely attached to my RIS Rail as the Quick Release catch nut hadn’t been tightened up enough for my rails this became a problem when the catch kept catching on my Molle Loops or sling and would come open and the sight would fall of the rails and drop about 4 and a half to 5 feet to the ground depending when it came off the rail, so I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the sight is shockproof as I did this multiple times on mud and concrete paths before finding out the tension was adjustable, This brings me onto the final issue I had with it in my time testing this product, adjusting the tension Nut was very awkward, for me I had to put 2 thin Allen keys between the outer shell and the bit that grips the rails s I could access the Nut then had to use another thin Allen key or needle nose pliers to rotate the nut and keep trial and error until I had it at the correct tension for my rails. However this issue showed me just how lightweight the sight is as it caught on my Molle while I was walking and I didn’t realise it had fallen of my rails until I went to use it, there was no noticeable weight difference.

Finally the Sight was extremely Easy to use and adjust, I was able to zero in the dot as well as change the retical with ease, unlike some scopes I’ve used in the past when you adjusted the reticaleposition it moved in the direction it was suppose to and by the amount you had adjusted it.

Vikings Verdict

Personally, I think this is a great sight at a great price if you shoot real steel, however for airsoft this is all down to personal preference and how important the accuracy of your sight is to you, if you would rather buy a £5 sight from wish just because its cheap and looks the part even if it doesn’t do a functional job then this sight isn’t for you, However if your happy to spend abit more cash on a Functional sight that Both Looks good and performs Great then this is definitely the Sight for you.

At a price of £79 GBP this sight comes with the Sight, an Allen key, a sight cover for when its not in use and a lense cloth.

If It wasn’t for the fact at the time of testing this I didn’t need any more sights I would of added this to my permanent collection of sights and may still do in the future.

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