HQ Airsoft (The Viking Review)

Location RAF Driffield (The abandoned Buildings not used by the ACF)
YO25 9EY

So in todays review were going to be looking at HQ Airsoft in Driffield, this is a fairly new site that is still in development, operated by the same guys that ran Slaughterhouse Airsoft in Hull which just happens to be the first ever site I played at, you can check my gameplay video for that here

So without further a due let’s get this review started. (Spoiler alert, its a long one but I wanted to give you guys as much detail as possible about this new site)

So I played here on the 6th January 2019 my first game of 2019 and my first Game as an ICS Captain and despite a hiccup on the way there (we took a wrong turn and went the wrong direction for about 20 mins) I think I started the year of to a good start.

The site itself was fairly easy to find I knew the rough location as I had spent many a weekend at RAF Driffield back when I was in the ACF, however me not realising that HQ Airsoft was recognised by google maps (and it would probably take us to the entrance) I set the SatNav to HSY ACF Driffield and off we went on the bumpiest journey of my life, and I’ve been on some pretty bumpy journeys, it turns out The off road tyres on the land rover don’t like to go above 60 on a normal road.

However we made it there in one piece even if we did feel like we had just spent an hour holding a jackhammer, and we found the entrance to the site extremely easily (as we went flying past it) the entrance to the site is a bit past the entrance to the cadet centre (if your coming from the training area side) and it’s a gate set back in the tree line with a HQ banner on.

So anyway we get there and we’re directed to the parking area outside the safe zone door by the Marshall’s, the safezone itself is inside one of the abandoned buildings, and is pretty dark inside as they’re aren’t any windows and just the lights on the walls, however as you walk through the doors, to the left is a bunch of table for everyone to put there gear on and to the right is a row of tables where you can buy BB’s, gas, pyro, pop etc and where you pay for yourself and collect your gear if your renting.

The rest of the site itself is pretty run down with broken windows, smashed up walls, collapsing roofs and lots of graffiti, it’s pretty much what you would expect considering the buildings have been abandoned for decades until these guys took over, and would be amazing for some post apocalyptic style weekenders, the site itself is huge at around 68 acres (not 28 turns out the area calculator for google I used was no good) and a good mix of CQB and external so great no matter your play style

The games themselves were organised extremely well with only a slight bit of confusion with the rules as to which windows can be fired out of and who can fire out of or at windows, which is to be expected being a new site as from what I hear from the regulars the rules were different last game day, I suspect this is because the Marshall’s are trying to find which rules work best for the site.

The Marshall’s themselves however was very friendly and knowledgeable with lots of Airsoft experience, if there was any issues you could rest assured that if you told a Marshall they would sort it out or do there best to sort it out ASAP and the regular players were also a friendly bunch, I’ve noticed in my time as an air softer trying out different site that occasionally a sites regulars will have there heads up their own arses and think they are better than the new players be them new to Airsoft players or new to the site players, however at HQ the regulars were welcoming, friendly and willing to help out the new guys just like the Marshall’s which is honestly just what I expected given my past experience when I was a new player playing at slaughterhouse.

So to wrap this hell of a long review up, my overall rating is a solid 8.5/10 and would be higher however it is still a new site finding its feet and I expect that the couple of issues will be fixed as the Marshall’s find what works and what doesn’t. However that being said this is definitely one for the playbook, so if you haven’t played there yet I do recommend hitting it up, it may just become my new regular site and I’ll be back there for the next game on the 20th if jan after I’ve hit up labyrinth this weekend.

P.S if you do hit it up the Marshall’s do recommend boots and I personally recommend boots and if your over 5’10 I recommend a helmet as well just to be safe as there is the odd bit you could bang your head on.

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