Labyrinth Airsoft – Ripley castle

Location: Ripley Castle, The Courtyard Harrogate, HG3 3AY Harrogate

So today i’m going to be reviewing the new Labyrinth Airsoft site up at Ripley Castle, I played there on the 13th of Jan and was my second game of the new year and the New sites second game. So we started the day of fairly bad with what was possibly the world’s smallest bacon and egg McMuffin from McDonalds, Like seriously i’m having the worst of luck with pregame food stops lately, First it was Greggs and there stupidly long cooking time and now McDonalds and a McMuffin that wouldn’t even satisfy a hamster, I would say I should give up pre game food stops all together but who am I kidding that’s never going to happen, I love my food to much. (New Blog section Vikings Food Reviews?) Anyway, enough of my jabbering on about food, you came here to hear about Labyrinth Airsoft’s new site.

So to get this started lets start with what’s most important and that’s getting to the site, so after our Hour/Hour and a half drive up to Harrogate (The land of plastic gangsters that’s are posher than posh spice} the site would be relatively easy if you know how to read a map (which I do but you cant read a map when you forget to get it up) and have the image with the drop pin on from the Facebook page, But for those of us not adept at map reading you would of drove straight past the site just like we did, however a quick phone call to the marshals phone number which you can get of their Facebook page and we found the site.

And now we get onto the site and what it’s like, and to be honest its not what you expect when you hear the site is at Ripley castle, it’s actually in the grounds of/Field and lake around Ripley castle and there are a few downsides to this:

Number 1 being that you need to bring your own food as there isn’t anywhere to buy food on site, however they do sell pot noodles at £1 each and boil some water for you with their jet boils.

Number 2 being that there’s no toilets, not even a porta potty on site and in the field that is the safe zone not even a tree to piss on, so probably not a site for the female Airsofter unless you don’t mind pulling down your kegs and pissing in the open in front of a bunch of guys.

However, that being said, this is still a very new site and it is only there second game day so they do probably have plans to get some porta potties and maybe even a burger van (I hope).

The gameplay its self is great for the site, with the marshals mixing things up with the use of in game Vehicles such as a quad, a land rover with an M249 hanging out the boot and even row boats on the lake with a pully system to sneak across the lake. The marshals make a good use of the different areas of the site and use areas that suit the game mode best.

The use of in game vehicles is used extremely well by the event organisers and the M249 on the land rover makes you run for cover like never before when you see it approaching and have no idea if its even on your team anymore or has been called in by the other team. Mix that with the use of a quad to punch a hole in the enemy’s defence and row boats to sneak over the lake and flank them and you’ve got styles of games that remind me allot of battlefield 4. They do mix things up as well and not every game mode is able to use the vehicles and some rely on good old fashioned manpower and tactics to win the game like this capture and return the object game you can see the non-banded team (my team) winning in the video below

The marshals themselves were very friendly, helpful and ran the event semi-professionally, where the only issue was one marshal was in game as a spawn point but wasn’t wearing eye pro because another marshals had stolen it however the rest of the team there were great, there isn’t much more I can say on them as there wasn’t really many issues of purposeful non-hit taking however on the rare occasion it did happen, I can only recall telling a marshal a player wasn’t taking his hits once after me and another player had shot him that many times that it was getting annoying, the marshals dealt with it in a professional manner and we didn’t have any more issues

My Overall Rating for this site would be a 5/10 if the site was an established site and not new because of the lack of a loo of any kind, however being a new site and only being there 2nd game i’m giving them an 7/10 and hopefully will be going back a few times throughout the year to see how the site progresses. It is definitely a site I recommend checking out, but make sure your wearing a decent pair of waterproof boots for this one.

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