Sky Ronin Assault Helmet Review

Regardless of your experience in airsoft if your on some form of social media you have probably seen these helmets posted on various social media pages, including my own since they were announced a few months ago, The Hype is real.

These are the Sky Ronin Assault Helmets yes those very helmets that have started many a debate over their weight, their visibility and their overall usability, as well as the odd person claiming there too sci-fi and not realistic, almost like they are forgetting this is airsoft and it is a game. Well rest assured that this review will answer most of your questions about the assault class of helmets usability.

Now before we go any further I want to make you all aware that this review was made possible by the guys over at sky Ronin deciding to sponsor me and send me out a helmet completely free of charge to use in game and having so many questions myself I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get my hands on one of these and get all my questions answered, If you haven’t already spoke to the guys at sky Ronin as you were waiting for a comprehensive review of the helmet to be published before buying one, then rest assured that if you decide to go ahead an buy one, Voltaire is a very friendly and positive guy and will be more than happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Structural Design and build quality

The design of this helmet is unlike any other I have seen before, Coming already attached to a standard Maritime FAST helmet, The Version I have which is from the original MK1 moulds and have been revised and improved since, Attaches to the helmet via 3 bolts with holes already in place for you to adjust the helmet between the settings to fit your face as best as possible, this allows you to have the face of the helmet a comfortable distance from your face, also allowing for the user to wear prescription glasses underneath if needed. For those of you running helmet mounted comms systems such as Comtacs, the helmet comes with the rail system attached allowing for them to be mounted and with the mesh panel on the left hand side of the mouth piece it allows for the use of boom mics with minimal muffling of your voice, However you may have to speak slightly louder than usual.

The helmet is constructed from what appears to be some sort of Stealth Like Resin on the outside and a rigid inner resin, Allowing for a surprisingly lightweight yet solid build weighing in at only 4-6lbs (Dependant on accessories) this helmet is considerably light considering its size and accessories and to top it all of the materials used in the construction of these helmets mean they can take the hits, I personally let one of the guys at the first site I took it to shoot it point blank with His HPA regulator turned up to 500 fps as many times as he wanted while me and a couple others shot it with a range of weapons and varying FPS at the same time, this test only left a couple of marks were the BBs had hit the paint, confirming this helmet really can take the hits as Sky Ronin Advertised.

Overall I rate the Design and Build quality a 7/10 as the helmet takes the hits and will definitely last, however with the version I have adjusting the mask position could potentially be troublesome, and the rails have to be cut down to the smallest position even if you don’t need it in the smallest position so that it allows for any needed adjustment, also the current adjustment system on this helmet prevents you from adjusting the position when its on, and this would be an added benefit allowing for you to adjust the position to get it on with ease and then easily re adjust it to a comfortable fit, However they may already be working on a way to improve this mounting and adjusting system


The base helmet itself once on wasn’t very comfortable on the forehead as the base helmet didn’t come with any padding on that area and the very thin cushioning that did come on the base helmet rubs against your forehead due to the added weight from the faceplate, however this was easily fixed for me by switching the padding over from the Sky Ronin to my Usual FMA fast helmet and vice versa, making the helmet much comfier once you have it on and positioned correctly.

The weight of this helmet however while being light for the size does take some getting use to at first, however as I found once you’ve worn it for a bit you get use to the weight kind of like a plate carrier or any other accessory you use. On top of this the helmet itself can be rather awkward to get on and off, especially if wearing glasses underneath.

The only other issue I have found so far with the comfortability of this helmet is in warm weather even with the fans on, the top of my head gets very warm and sweaty but this should be easily fixable by putting some holes in the pipes that run across the top of your head from the fans, which should enable the fans to keep the top of your head cool as well as your face and prevent any fogging

Overall I rate the comfortability of this helmet an 8/10 the reason for this rating is mainly because of the issues with the rubbing on the forehead and the difficulty with getting this helmet on with or without glasses on, as overall once you have the helmet on and in position it is very comfortable and the fans keep your face cool and the lenses clear no matter the weather. and on one of the days I was testing this helmet I got sunburns on my arm but my face was kept nice and cool while I had the helmet on.


This is probably going to be the shortest section of this review as there’s not really much I can say on the visibility in this helmet as its pretty much what you would expect, while you can see straight forward you have practically 0 peripheral vision, and minimal up and down vision, even while looking as far down as you can with the bottom of the helmet pressing into your chest it is still pretty hard to see your feet. On top of this the ability to aim down the sights on a standard RIF is practically impossible without a bump stock or a riser for your sights, This visibility is an issue In woodland environment’s where aiming down your sights and having as much visual range as possible is kinda necessary or at least is for my play style, however in CQB this visibility I found to be less of an issue as 9/10 times my target was within my visual range and you the ability to have perfect vision down the sight in CQB isn’t exactly necessary as I was able to aim well enough to hit every target in a CQB environment

Overall im going to rate the visibility of this helmet 4/10 purely because the only time this level of visibility is going to be tolerable for me is in a CQB environment where I’m not going to using my DMR or requiring to be able to see perfectly down my sights.

Vikings Verdict


The Overall rating for this helmet is from adding all 3 of the ratings up from the above section giving a total of 18/30 or 6/10.

However the only reason this rating is just above half is because of the visibility, so don’t let that put you of buying it, the build quality and comfort is definitely worth the price of the helmet, so the only question you should be asking yourself now to answer the Question of “Do I buy it or not” is does the limited visibility bother you, if you play mainly at CQB sites then the visibility shouldn’t be much of an issue for you and if you play at woodland sites then, personally the decision whether to buy this helmet or not is going to rest solely on your play style, do you need as much visibility and ability to aim down the sights as me or are you willing to loose some visibility for that added cool factor as one things for sure this helmet is like marmite, you are either like me and love the look of it or you hate the look of it.

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