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Skirmish Vs MilSim Vs SpeedSoft [Which one should I play?!]

Maybe you’re completely new to Airsoft. Maybe you’re a veteran that’s played for many years but only stuck to one game type. Maybe you’ve heard of alternative Airsoft game modes online and you’re wondering what they’re all about? Well, we have decided to ask current Airsoft players and organisers to help us define each type and provide you with a detailed breakdown of the three most popular modes amongst the Airsoft community: Skirmish, MilSim and Speesoft!

First And Only – The Outpost (Drakelow Tunnels) Comprehensive Review

Are you looking for a truly breathtaking and completely unique location to play airsoft? Do you want to skirmish in the ONLY publicly accessible WWII Shadow Factory and Cold War Bunker? Do you want to play in the largest underground site in the whole of UK? Then look no further. Sit back and immerse yourself in this historical adventure!

How Does An AEG Work?

In order to understand how different internal parts affect each other’s performance, we must first understand how an AEG actually operates. You will find this section helpful especially if you are currently facing issues with your AEG for the first time and are keen to delve into the internals and repair them yourself. To begin, AEG uses three types of energy – electrical, mechanical and finally pneumatic.