Yorkshire Tactical Airsoft – The Pines Review

5/5 stars

I arrived slightly late due to Greggs taking forever with the cheese and bean pasties, seriously 15 minutes to cook them you can get Greggs ones from co-op you can microwave in 3 minutes (get your act together Greggs, some of us have things to do on a Sunday) but despite the hiccup I arrived in time to get set up for the first game and surprisingly found space at a table which was lucky as unfortunately and through no fault of the staffs own we was in the laser tag safe zone (which is rather small) as the Bawtry Paintball fields (BPF) owners were using the Airsoft one for selling Christmas trees (seriously guys it’s still November grow up) now this wasn’t my first time playing at BPF but it was my first time playing at a YTA game the last time I played there it was ran by BritTac for those of you who haven’t played here before it’s a huge woodland site with structures and the game modes are often just in sections of the site because of how huge it is.

So anyway now we have the intro over with, let’s get on with this:

Firstly and most important, Gameplay:

First game of the bat was a great warm up game, which was amazing because it was a cold morning, the game area was a little village not far from the safe zone and the objective was to control the centre of the village this was done by both teams pushing from either side to the centre and flipping a switch on a light tube to be either blue or red and whichever colour it was at endex won, simple but very fun and fast paced and the other games all of which were variants of attack and defend were all also very fun and fast paced one of my favourites was the engineer across the bridge game where the engineer was played by a Marshall who made it very immersive by refusing to move and trying to run a way to a point you had to grab him and pull him and push him around at points.

Secondly and just as important the Staff:

YTA seem to have a great team of friendly Marshall’s, with some great banter and zero tolerance on cheating.

They explained the game modes well and made sure everyone understood the objective of the game before staring and let everyone ask questions and they gave great precise answers to the odd question that was asked.

The odd occasion that someone did something they shouldn’t such as throwing pyro overhand over walls and stuff where you can’t see what’s on the other side and the occasional dead man talking (oh shit it’s the zombie apocalypse and they have guns) they reacted and responded to it swiftly and professionally, they new when to have banter and when not too.

Lastly Players:

Not really much you can say about this from just one game day however I was on my own at the game and hadn’t played with any of these guys before that I know off.

The regulars and non-regulars that were there were all friendly and welcoming and even though I didn’t know any of these guys we all worked together well during gameplay with great communication and shouting out contact directions.

There wasn’t many cases of non hit taking but these are BBs after all and you do get the odd occasion where the wind has slowed it down that much you just don’t feel it.

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